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We will give you practical tools and a wealth of information to help you tap into the global share market to grow your portfolio wisely


  1. Reasons to Invest your Money in International Shares
  2. What is the stock market
  3. Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis – Overview and basic information
  4. How to invest
  5. Steps to achieving Success in online trading
  6. How to avoid losing money (stop losses and conditional orders)
  7. How trading in offshore markets differs to trading in Australia
  8. Glossary

eBook Objectives

Discover the top 5 reasons to invest your money in International shares

  • How to save time by systematically screening stocks
  • How to get the best of both worlds by combining technical and fundamental analysis
  • How trading offshore markets differs to trading in Australia
  • How to evaluate the long term prospects via company financials
  • How to approach international diversification and limit the "home country bias" effect

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Welcome to MONEX, the place where smart money people can find access to a truly international equities market at a fair price, to help un-lock global investment opportunities and manage risk through diversification to grow their wealth.

Our clients requiring global access to shares at a low cost include:

  • Existing & Professional Traders
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I have received excellent customer service since initially signing up and can recommend the team at Monex highly. My relationship manager has made this a very personalised experience which is unlike any other brokerage firm in the market.



I have to say that every single interaction with this platform is just a pleasure - I really appreciated your flexibility and your focus on getting things done in the most customer friendly manner!!!! You are quite a role model for the financial services industry!!



I have experience of 3 other platforms. One was good, one mediocre, and one terrible! This platform is far and away the easiest, simplest to understand, and the very best for efficiency and service: superb.


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