If you are an Australian investor, the process of purchasing international securities can often be difficult and expensive. This is due to the nature of Australian stock brokers - many Australian inve..

Diversification is a measure investors take to minimize the risk exposure on their investments.  In this article you'll learn:  How to minimize..

In the year 2017, the EWA, an ETF (Footnote #1) which tracks the performance of Australia’s share market has grown by 19.9%. Although this is a reasonably sound return on investment, the glo..

A home country bias is a common trait among Australian investors. This is understandable as people typically like to invest in businesses and industries they are familiar with. However, by li..

Great selection of markets to choose from The Monex trading platform provides access to over 50,000 listed securities across 12 Markets. By opening a trading account with Monex, you will gain ex..