IPOs Have Their Best August in Five Years

06 September 2018  |  TRADING IDEAS

Initial public offerings (IPOs) kept flowing last month, despite the normal summer doldrums.

Some $1.5 billion of new stock came to market last month, according to data from ClickIPO. It might sound puny compared with recent totals, but it was still the busiest August in five years.

The largest deal, property-management firm Cushman & Wakefield (CWK), weighed in at $765 million.

Still there were some technology names: speaker company Sonos (SONO) and security-camera provider Arlo Technologies (ARLO). Both sold about $200 million of equity and are up more than 20 percent from their inaugural pricings.

Going forward, activity could accelerate because September and October tend to be among the busier months in the year.

This article was written by David Russell, TradeStation Securities, Inc., part of the Monex Group Inc, published on 05/09/2018.

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