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The latest on the US vs China Tariff war

His Communist Party is currently tabling constitutional reform to extend term limits. If they succeed, his presidency could stretch beyond 2023, and this is important because one of his biggest initiatives is ‘Made in China 2025’. It aims to strengthen the hold of technology in China. A large part of the world’s electronic components and gadgets are assembled in China, because of their high technical skills and low labour costs.

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Spotify and Dropbox – The Next Unicorns to Go Public

Dropbox Inc. is a San Francisco-based cloud storage company which listed on the NASDAQ on the 23rd of March 2018, a Friday ending the S&P 500’s worst week in more than two years amid talks of a global trade war and interest rate rises. Despite this, Dropbox saw gains of 35% on its first day with a valuation of over $US11bn.

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APAC firms are more likely to embrace emerging tech

Emerging technologies have played a large part in the digital transformation that is sweeping through businesses and economies in today’s society. Technology is at the centre of this transformation, and there is an acknowledgement now that digital transformation brings forth a competitive advantage to organisations and even nations in a fast-evolving digital world. Asian Pacific corporations and economies are particularly keen on adopting emerging technologies and expect to benefit greatly through stronger economic growth, greater business efficiency and a cultural shift to become more digital.

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