Access ZERO brokerage across all our international listed securities; this includes company shares, ETFs, Listed Investment Trusts and Listed Investment Companies (LITs and LICs), and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). This comprises some 50,000 international listed securities you can trade with absolutely NO brokerage fee.

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International Trading With ZERO Brokerage

  • The ability to trade any international listed security (approximately 50,000 listed securities) with absolutely no brokerage applied;
  • The chance to lock in ZERO brokerage until end of November 30, 2019;
  • Our most affordable way to trade internationally from one centralised account.

Trade Ideas

  • Trade ideas and market insights from our experienced team;
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions to understand how simple it is to buy and sell shares on our platform;
  • Exclusive trading material from our Managing Director with over 20 years' experience;
  • Exclusive weekly articles discussing what stocks, themes and trends are hot at the moment.

Simple to use Trading Platform

  • Easy to navigate platform with advanced orders;
  • Create multi-market watchlists;
  • No software to install - Complete web access.

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Over 3.7 million people have placed their trust in the Monex group

When you trade with us, we have exclusive platform features that lower your costs and save you money

Exclusive Zero Brokerage

Over 50,000 international listed securities across international markets with ZERO Brokerage fees, includings, shares, ETFs, LICs, LITs, and REITs.

FX Conversion Fees

Avoid exchange conversion rates per trade, by leaving your funds in your desired currency to trade with and save.

Access Emerging Sectors

Access sectors and listings that aren't readily available on the Australian ASX, including artificial intelligence, renewable energy and high tech.

International Share Trading Brokerage and
Foreign Exchange Rates Savings Simulator

Hong Kong Stock Market Example

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Trade International Shares Directly From Your Trading Platform

No Need For Phone Calls. No Complications. You're In Control.

For the ULTIMATE in international trading efficiency, you can execute international trades directly through our trading platform, without having to speak to anyone. Simply place your order online and then receive execution confirmation.

About Monex

  • We were the first to offer ZERO Brokerage across such a wide geographical reach and solve the industry wide problem of exorbitant brokerage rates previously charged to Australian investors wanting to trade international share markets.
  • It is well known that high brokerage rates have contributed to Australian investors being among the least globally diversified in the world. We've broken down the barriers to investing in international shares, making it brokerage FREE and simple for Australian investors to access offshore stock markets.
  • Monex Group is an online brokerage business with over 3.7 million clients worldwide and over USD $40 billion in assets under custody as a group.
  • Founded in 1999, the Monex Group is an online brokerage business with over 830 employees across 12 offices worldwide, who are passionate about one thing only - to give our customers unmatched access to international markets, affordably.
  • Monex offers you cutting edge industry first digital applications and technology that allow you to trade in a way that is streamlined for you and your personal trading devices.

Terms and Conditions

* Free brokerage available across all listed securities in international markets

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