Coronavirus Infecting World Stock Markets

World stock markets plummet, driven by oil shock and coronavirus fears

The coronavirus initiated market sell-off has erased over (USD) $9 trillion in value from global stock markets over the past 9 days. 

There are many companies that are caught up in the global sell off even though they have not been directly impacted by the virus. 

Although such times present a doom and gloom mentality, money can be made when stocks have tanked. Baron Rothschild is famously credited with saying that “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the street”.  With that metaphor in mind, here are some of the largest capitalised stocks that have taken a significant hit. While nobody can be sure of the next move, we believe that these stocks are worth investigating further.

Largest capitalised stocks that have been heavily impacted by coronavirus fear

Microsoft, Inc.Alphabet Inc.
Down 20% Since 21 Feb 2020. Trading at Nov 2019 Levels. Down 20% Since 21 Feb 2020. Trading at Oct 2019 Levels.
Amazon, Inc.Facebook, Inc.
Down 17% Since 21 Feb 2020. Trading at Dec 2019 Levels. Down 22% Since 21 Feb 2020. Trading at Jun 2019 Levels.
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.VISA Inc.
Down 15% Since 21 Feb. Trading at Jan 2019 Levels. Down 19% Since 21 Feb. Trading at Oct 2019 Levels.
Walmart Inc.Tesla, Inc.
Showing relative strength. Seems to be recovering faster than others. Down 34% Since 21 Feb 2020. Trading at Jan 2020 Levels.

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