Monex Securities Australia Free Stock Allocation

Free Stock Allocation Terms and Conditions

Monex Securities Australia Free Stock Allocation Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) outlined in this Promotional Campaign (the “Campaign”) by Monex Securities Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 84142210179 and AFSL No. 363972 (‘Monex AU’, ‘the Company’, ‘our’, ‘we’) to the Company’s clients (‘Participant’, ‘Participants’, ‘Client’, ‘Clients’, ‘you’). The Campaign and its Terms are made available in connection with and in addition to the Monex AU Securities Trading Terms and Conditions (the “MSTC”) between Monex AU and its Clients. By participating in the Campaign, Client agrees and accepts the Terms in full.


“Start Date” means Monday, 20 June 2022.

“Promotion” means the free stock allocation promotion outlined within this document.

“Participant” means the person who is participating in this promotion and is applying for a new Monex Securities Australia Pty Ltd trading account.

“Client” means the Participant who is approved to trade using an approved Monex Securities Australia Pty Ltd trading account.

“Campaign” means this active instance of this Monex Securities Australia Pty Ltd free stock allocation promotion.

“Promotional Period” means the period from the start date and end date of the promotion. 

“Terms” means this document titled the Monex Securities Australia Free Stock Allocation Terms and Conditions.

“Days” means calendar days and includes weekends and public holidays.

“Account Approval Date” means the date that the Participant’s trading account was approved for active trading and use.

“Eligibility Period” means the first 45 days from the Account Approval Date that a Participant is able to be included for Participant Rewards in the Campaign.

“Reward Level Reached” means the award level that the Client reaches within the Eligibility Period.

“Participant Reward” means the designated award to be allocated to the Client based on the Reward Level Reached within the Eligibility Period. 

“Buy Trade” means a trade that is executed by a Client to acquire shares, (as opposed to sell trades, which is the opposite and is excluded from this promotion). 

“Net Deposit Amount” means the total amount of funds deposited to a trading account in AUD, less any account withdrawals made during the Eligibility Period.

“Total Foreign Market Buy Trade Amount” means the total Buy Trade amount of any non-Australian market requiring an FX conversion from AUD.

“AUD Equivalent” means the converted amount to AUD from a foreign currency’s Buy Trade value in any 11 of our foreign markets (ie. not including the ASX), using the relevant exchange rate as determined by Monex AU.

1. Campaign Period And Duration

The Campaign will run for a limited period, allowing eligible new Participants to be included in the Promotion between 20 June 2022 and 30 July 2022 (hereafter referred to as the “Promotional Period”). Monex AU reserves the right to extend this Promotional Period beyond the initial end date. Any such extension will be subject to the Terms. Monex AU reserves the right to temporarily suspend or conclude the Campaign at any time.

2. Binding Agreement

By participating in this Promotion, all Participants acknowledge they have read and agreed to be bound by the Promotion Terms (which may be amended or varied any time by Monex AU, with or without notice). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the MSTC and the Promotion Terms, the MSTC shall prevail. The MSTC can be viewed at this link:

3. Eligibility 

The following types of clients are not eligible to participate in the Campaign: 

a) Any registrant under the age of 18; 

b) Entities such as limited companies, partnerships, trusts, SMSFs or any other kind of legal entities; institutional or wholesale accounts; 

c) Accounts that have been opened via an introducing broker, money manager or an affiliate agreement.

There are a number of distinct requirements that must be met for a Participant to be eligible for the Participant Reward, they are:

i) The Participant must not have been a current or previous holder of an account with Monex AU as at the Promotional Period start date;

ii) The Participant must have registered for a new account during the Promotional Period;

iii) The Participant must have their account approved according to KYC requirements during the Promotional Period;

iv) The Participant must have their account funded within the Eligibility Period;

v) The Participant must have executed their first trade in a non-Australian market within their Eligibility Period.

4. Promotional Reward Offer

The Rewards – Schedule 4 Table: 

Reward Level Reached

Net Deposit Amount 

Total Foreign Market Buy Trade Amount 

Participant Share Reward (Select 1 Stock Code Only)


>= $2,500

>= $2,500

1 x Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE:MRO)

Economy Basic

>= $5,000

>= $5,000

1 x Pfizer Inc (NASDAQ:PFE)

Economy Standard

>= $10,000

>= $10,000


Economy Plus

>= $25,000

>= $25,000

2 x Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Business Class

>= $50,000

>= $50,000

4 x Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)

First Class

$150,000 and multiples thereof

$150,000 and multiples thereof

12 x Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)
2 x Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)


The Rewards in the table above are calculated as follows:

  1. The total net amount of deposits in AUD less withdrawals, within the Eligibility Period;
  2. The total net amount bought in any foreign market requiring an FX conversion from AUD within the Eligibility Period;
  3. In the event that a Net Deposit Amount target is reached, and a lower Total Foreign Market Buy Trade Amount is reached, the Reward Level Reached will be determined by the lower amount; 
  4. If the Client would prefer another US share to be allocated as their Participant Reward, they can discuss this with their Relationship Manager to determine if this can be permitted. 

The Participant reward will only be allocated once (one single time), based on the Level Award Reached within their Eligibility Period. 

Monex AU reserves the right to alter the Participant Reward by substituting it for stock in another company in the event that the market price of the stock selected for a Participant Reward increases by more than 10% from the Start Date of this Campaign. 

4.1 Reward Payout Formula

The reward payout calculation is based on conditions of Net Deposit Amount and Total Foreign MarketBuy Trade Amount being fulfilled in order to receive one stock code selection from the Participant Share Reward.

Examples of Reward Level Reached


  • AAPL last traded at $145
  • TSLA last traded at $700

Exchange Rates Used

  • AUD/USD = 0.7200


James registered for a trading account on 20 June, 2022 and had his account KYC approved that same day. He deposits AUD $25,000 into his account.

Within the first week James places the following trades:

  • Buy 10 TSLA @$700USD → total trade value $7,000
  • Buy 10 APPL @$145USD→ total trade value $1,450

The total trades placed in the Eligibility Period = $8,450 USD

Assuming an exchange rate for AUD/USD of 0.7200c

Based on his Total Foreign Market Buy Trade Amount $8,450 x (1/0.72) = $11,736.11 AUD he reaches Economy Class level and is eligible for 1 x Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) share. 

5. Free Stock Allocation Timeline

If the Client meets the reward criteria by the end of the eligibility period, the rewarded share(s) will be distributed to the Client within the first 14 days of the next calendar month.

6. FX Advantage

FX Advantage – is a feature of the Monex AU multi-currency wallet which delivers lower FX conversion costs overall. FX Advantage means that proceeds of any sale that are held in the settlement currency of each market instead of being automatically converted back into AUD. Unlike traditional settlement processes amongst other brokers, Monex AU does not convert the proceeds of every foreign market sale back into AUD, thereby allowing you to avoid unnecessary FX conversion fees within a single market, no matter how many times you trade within that market. 

7. Disclaimer

Any infringement of these Terms may result in awards being cancelled, revoked, or reclaimed at Monex AU’s sole discretion.

Monex AU retains the right, in its sole discretion, to prevent any client from participating in any portion of the Campaign if Monex AU thinks or determines that the client has engaged in or tried to engage in any of the following: a) acting in violation of these Campaign Terms; b) harming, interfering with, or corrupting the operation of the Campaign; c) action considered inconsistent with the intended operation of the Campaign at the sole discretion of Monex AU.

If any client is found to be ineligible for the Campaign, Monex AU reserves the right to i) forfeit, withdraw, or withhold the Campaign benefits at any time; or (ii) reclaim the Campaign and/or deduct the used portion of the Campaign from the Client’s account. In such a case, Monex AU shall not be liable for any payments or compensation to the Client.

In circumstances of suspected manipulation, misuse, fraud, or violation of these Campaign Terms or their intent, Monex AU shall be the sole decider. The decision of Monex AU is final, and no further dialogue or conversation will be entered into.

Monex AU may, in its sole discretion, vary, amend, delete, and/or add to any of the Terms, including, but not limited to, terminating this Campaign at any time without notice or responsibility to any client(s), and all clients shall be bound by such variations, modifications, deletions, and/or additions. Monex AU is not required to provide a justification or engage in conversation with any individual over this Campaign.

This Campaign does not constitute an offer, solicitation, or recommendation to buy or sell any securities. It is not a recommendation to make a financial choice, nor is it investment advice. Monex AU is not liable for any damage incurred or experienced by any individual in connection with the Campaign, regardless of the cause, including, but not limited to, any error in calculating trades and trade commissions, and any subsequent changes in commision pricing. Trading in financial products entails numerous risks and is not appropriate for all investors. It is possible to lose the entire amount invested.

Monex AU makes no representation as to the future performance of any free share(s) awarded through this Campaign. The shares may rise or fall in value and past performance should not be considered as an indication of future performance. By participating in this Campaign, you accept all risk and obligations associated with all free share(s) awarded to You.

The Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales, and any dispute arising out of or relating to the Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, unless such issue comes within the scope of relevant arbitration rules.

The Terms should be read in connection with the Monex AU Securities Trading Terms and Conditions, Financial Services Guide, Fees and Charges Schedules, Privacy Policy, and Website Disclaimer, all of which may be seen at