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5 Popular Japanese Stocks

21 November 2018  |  Trading Ideas

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5 Popular stocks

After NYSE, NASDAQ (both based in the US), and LSE (UK), the Japan Stock Exchange is the number four offshore stock exchange in terms of size, trading volumes, and liquidity. Here are some companies you could be looking into for your portfolio diversification needs. Ideally, pick one target each from electronics, motoring, finance, pharma, and chemical sectors.

1. Kyocera

The company initially dealt ceramics but has extended into electronics and electrical components. It also sells in imaging equipment for office documents, solar power, telco infrastructure, semiconductors, dental tools, and cutting machines. The company leads innovation – like inventing the first speaker-less smartphone for slight hearing impairments (and conversations in loud spaces). It uses vibration and conduction to directly communicate with the ear canal. Kyocera has over 70,000 employees, a net income above 60 billion yen, and its revenue in 2018 has so far surpassed 1.5 trillion yen.

2. Toyota

The car in front is always a Toyota, and that’s as good as reason as any to invest. After all, revenue streams are guaranteed, and currently place it as the sixth largest company in the world, employing a staff over 300,000. As far as auto manufacturing goes, Toyota is second only to Volkswagen (though some listicles interchange the two). Toyota dominates the hybrid market and has invested US$500,000 million in Uber’s self-driving division. Its flagship models – apart from Toyota itself – include Hino, Daihatsu, Subaru, and Lexus, as well as non-auto brands like Delphys, Primearth, and Aero Asahi.

3. Daiichi Sankyo

As Japan’s second-biggest pharma (after Takeda), Daiichi Sankyo is a powerhouse with global tentacles. While it let go of Ranbaxy Labs in India, it still owns Plexxikon in the US and U3 Pharma in Germany. Daiichi Sankyo has only been around since the 2005 merger of Sankyo and Daiichi Pharmaceuticals, so it has come a long way in a short period. Its founder patented adrenaline isolation, and the company’s global presence operates out of New Jersey in the US, with its European headquarters in Munich servicing 12 countries.

4. Mitsubishi Chemicals

The Japanese auto space has always been lucrative, and the bulk of heavy vehicles in Australia bear Japanese names. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings is a 1995 merger of Mitsubishi Chemicals and Mitsubishi Pharma. It’s well within the Mitsubishi core, which includes companies in banking, health, electronics, glass, construction, paper, plastics, securities, and more. It even has its own investment centre to help you along your Mitsubishi journey.

5. Monex Group

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