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We’ve solved the major problem of other stock brokers charging large brokerage rates and other fees to Australian investors who want to invest in international stock markets.

High brokerage rates have contributed to Australian investors being among the least globally diversified in the world. We made it inexpensive for Australian investors to access international stock markets and make buying shares internationally easy and cheaper.

Monex, Inc. is the third largest stock broker in Japan. BOOM was the first online stock broker in Asia and remains a key player in Hong Kong while TradeStation is one of the largest stock brokers in the US. Tapping into the vast abilities and synergies of our group of companies allows us to provide you with an improved trading experience.

Why Monex Securities?

In recent years, we have noticed a serious gap in the share trading services available to Australian stock market investors. While Australia is a country of keen share market investors, it has been expensive and difficult to trade international stock markets leading to Australian share investors missing out on significant global opportunities.

Wise investors spread their risk and don’t have all their eggs in one basket. The Australian stock market accounts for less than 3% of global market capitalisation. Unfortunately, home country bias is a well documented problem and Australians suffer this infliction to a greater extent than most other countries. Diversification is the best option in the markets and we want to help stock market investors take advantage of this opportunity on an international scale.

We have invested the time and effort to re-invent our business from the ground up so that we can deliver a product and service that is not only something that traders need, but something that they want: easy access to international share trading at a very reasonable cost per trade.


The back-end software required to run a broker operating across multiple exchanges, in multiple currencies, is generally very expensive with high ongoing fees per transaction. This is a significant barrier to new entrants, especially if they want to operate a competitive pricing model.

Our global network of companies – Monex, Inc., TradeStation and BOOM, - provides us with great depth of experience and robust in-house back-end systems that allow us to access lower execution costs which we can pass on to you as savings in the form of lower brokerage costs.


We give you access to a world of more than 50,000 listed securities that until now have been difficult to access from a single,  low cost trading platform.  Monex offers a market leading combination of value and market coverage, with access to a wide range of markets in Asia (including China) in addition to USA and Australian stocks. As an example of our competitive rates, you can trade U.S. stocks starting from US$9.99 per trade.

Via our unique in-house group capabilities, we provide clients with access to trade multiple exchanges in 12 markets:

Meet our Management Team

Picture of Oki Matsumoto

Oki Matsumoto

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Monex Group, Inc

Oki began his career at Saloman Brothers and joined Goldman Sachs in 1990. He was the head of their Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange business in Asia and founded Monex in 1999 with Sony Corporation. Today, Monex Group, Inc. is a global online financial institution with offices in 12 locations globally and over 1000 employees world wide. Oki also currently serves as an outside director for UZABASE, Inc. and MasterCard Incorporated.

Picture of Alex Douglas

Alex Douglas

Manager Director, Monex Securities Australia

Plotting currency price charts by hand in 1983 opened the door to Alex’s career in the financial markets. He has since been a trader on the floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange, a senior executive with the MMS International division of Standard & Poor’s in Singapore, an author and sought after market commentator. He has co-founded several financial services businesses and joined the group in 2010. Twitter: @MrAlexDouglas   

Picture of John Bartleman

John Bartleman

President and member of the Board of Directors, TradeStation

John serves as President of TradeStation Group, Inc. and TradeStation Securities, Inc, as is a member of TradeStation Group's Board of Directors. Prior to those roles John had served as Vice President of Brokerage Operations and Chief Growth Officer of TradeStation Group and Vice President of Product Management of TradeStation Securities.

Picture of Keji Okamoto

Keiji Okamoto

Director, Monex Boom Securities (H.K.) Limited

Keiji serves as Director of Monex Boom Securities (H.K.) Ltd. and Chairman and Managing Director of Monex International Limited in Hong Kong. Prior to those roles, Keiji had served as Executive Director of Monex, Inc. in Japan. Keiji started his career in banking industries and is experienced at handling a broad range of financial products in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. 

Who is Monex?

...and why should you trust us to do business with?

Global map of Monex office locations

Monex Group is an online brokerage business with 3.7 million investors worldwide with USD 46 billion assets under custody as a group.

Founded in 1999, the Monex Group is an online brokerage business with over 1,000 employees through 13 offices worldwide, who are passionate about one thing only – to give our customers unmatched access to international share markets at a reasonable cost.

Reliability and ‘Above all Integrity’ in everything we do. This simply means that we say what we do and do what we say.

Monex offers you cutting edge industry first digital applications and technology that allow you to trade in a way that is streamlined for you and your personal trading devices.

Quality service and client satisfaction are inherent in all that we do. Our service commitment delivers on the promise of a private, secure, fast and inexpensive trading experience.

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