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At Monex, we solve the big problem of exorbitant brokerage rates previously charged to Australian investors wanting to trade international markets

Looking internationally can be quite confronting when you have only invested in Australia. There are plenty of markets and a variety of sectors to choose from.

Our education hub provides useful insights into the international investing space. We want to help you understand what is happening in the world so that you can make informed decisions to diversify and invest to grow your portfolio.

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iRobot Company Overview

07 June 2019  |  TRADING IDEAS

Founded in 1990 by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists with the vision of making practical robots a reality, the award-winning robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba was a greatest hit in the market. With the robotic vacuum cleaner booming, the company’s revenue increased steadily and...

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Factors that Influence Share Prices

06 June 2019  |  EDUCATION

Numerous factors can cause the price of shares to fall or rise – from news about a company’s earnings to a change in shareholders’ sentiment about the share market in general. Shifts in supply and demand influence share prices, although there is no equation to predict how exactly the share market will behave...

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Endeavor Group Holdings files for IPO

04 June 2019  |  TRADING IDEAS

Endeavor is a global entertainment, sports and content marketing company. They provide a range of marketing and event management services, owning and producing more than 700 events annually across 25 countries, such as international fashion weeks...

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