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Which Asian markets should be on your radar?

16 May 2018  |  Trading Ideas
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Asia markets

You’ve probably heard a lot about ‘Asian Tigers’ over the years, both the literal ones and the political ones. You may not have paid much attention, because it seemed removed from your daily activities. But now that you’re getting into offshore trading, the term has a lot more significance. Trading in Asia offer the opportunity for risk reduction through diversification. Here are some markets to look out for, each of which can be traded with Monex.

South Korea

South Korea has a very vibrant economy.

It has a complex immigration system that makes physical business challenging, but you don’t need to go there in person to trade shares. South Korea has multiple free trade agreements, tax breaks, and grants that encourage foreign investment. They also push local businesses to succeed, by subsidising the costs of industrial premises and helping with start-up expenses.

Both foreign and local organisations benefit from free trade zones, low regulations, and minimised bureaucratic requirements. This allows industries in South Korea to thrive, making it a profitable venture to buy shares in both the local and foreign holdings.

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Hong Kong and Taiwan

These two markets are often discussed together because politically, they’re both administrative regions of China. While this relationship is sometimes murky, it does offer both markets immense economic advantages. Hong Kong doesn’t charge customs on anything except tobacco, (hard and methyl) alcohol, and hydrocarbon oil, making it attractive to imports.

Taiwan is more tech-oriented, exporting 94% of the world’s motherboards. The market is known for intermediate manufacturing, producing the key components and parts that support global electronics and machinery. The market is stable, its products are low cost, and its manufacturing hub is essential, making it ideal for long-term overseas share trading.

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Since gaining its independence in 1959, Singapore has had a policy of strong focus on attracting foreign investment, so it’s always been a favourite for offshore investors. It is considered one of the easiest places in the world for foreigners to do business because there’s hardly any barrier regarding tax requirements, visas, or incorporation compliance.

Singapore augments its home-grown businesses too, with incentive programmes, support for start-ups, and direct government investment into the private sector. From the 2000’s going forward, there was a direct effort by the government to encourage tech development, as well as the liberalisation of the financial sector. These are both areas of great importance to stock traders from overseas and make this island nation a market to watch.

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