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Unique Platform & Services Features

Multi-Currency: Our multi-currency account supports balances in AUD, USD, HKD, RMB, SGD, and JPY concurrently.

FX Advantage: is a feature of our platform’s multi-currency wallet which delivers lower FX conversion costs overall. FX Advantage means that proceeds of any sale that are held in the settlement currency of each market instead of being automatically converted back into AUD. Unlike traditional settlement processes amongst other brokers, we do not convert the proceeds of every foreign market sale back into AUD, thereby allowing you to avoid unnecessary FX conversion fees within a single market, no matter how many times you trade within that market.

Currency Flexibility: Every currency in your account can be used to fund and execute trades in any market. Streamline your trading execution without worrying about the settlement currency.

VIP Investor Program: Access dedicated support, preferred priority services, exclusive research and private trading events.

Key Platform Features


Multi-Market Trading

Access exchange listed securities in 12 international stock trading markets across Asia and the United States, covering over 70% global market capitalisation.


Competitive Pricing

You can trade a wide range of international stock markets at a low cost in both brokerage and FX fees.


Powerful Order Types

A collection of powerful online trading order types to fit your trading strategy. Simply pre-set your orders and let our system do the work for you.


Complete Web Access

Simply place all instructions using an Internet browser. No need to download any software.


Multi-Market Watchlist

Keep a close eye on your investments in international share markets. Add stocks from 12 international stock markets into one watchlist.


Trading Ideas & Tools

Access actionable insight from technical analysis on virtually every financial instrument across our 12 global markets.

Helping You Get Started


Education & Trading Ideas


Local and Global Markets


Simple to Use Platform

Valued Investor Program (VIP)


Dedicated Manager

Contact your Account Manager directly using their direct line/email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Preferred Priority

Move to the top of the queue for deposits, withdrawals, ad hoc requests or questions.


Exclusive Research

Aligned trading ideas and market information matched to your market profile and instrument preference.

About Monex Group

While investing in US stocks is an attractive proposition for those wanting to diversify their portfolio, access to the US stock markets may not be that easy, particularly if you are a non-US resident. However, with the advent of the internet and online trading platforms, you can now easily buy and sell US shares if your stock broker offers this service.

Low Brokerage Pioneer

Monex were one of the first brokers to offer LOW Brokerage across the widest geographical market and exchange footprint, as well as address the industry wide problem of exorbitant brokerage rates being charged to Australian investors wanting to access and trade international share markets.


Lowered FX Costs

It is well known that high brokerage rates have contributed to Australian investors being among the least globally diversified in the world. We've broken down the barriers to investing in international shares, making it more affordable and simple for Australian investors to access offshore stock markets.


Trusted Brand

Founded in 1999, Monex Group Inc. (TYO: 8698) is the third largest stock broker in Japan and an online brokerage business with over 3.7 million clients worldwide and over USD $71 billion in assets under custody as a group as at 30 Sep 2021. Monex believes reliability and integrity is paramount to client satisfaction.


Global Group

The Monex Group is an online brokerage business with over 1000 employees across 13 offices worldwide, who are passionate about one thing only – to give our customers unmatched access to international markets, affordably and at a reasonable cost, whilst exceeding their satisfaction expectations.


Solid Proven Platform

Monex offers its customers a cutting edge industry first digital application and technology platform accessible from any device that allow trading in a way that is simple, fast, easy to setup and access, centralised and streamlined for your personal and professional share trading needs.